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SUMM CASE NO: A-17-765855-C DEPT NO: VI Priority Civil NRS 179.1173 Arbitration Exempt Declaratory and Equitable Relief DISTRICT COURT CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA LAS VEGAS METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT, Plaintiff,-vs- U.S. CURRENCY $760.00, Defendant. SUMMONS TO: TREVOR KLEIN 1330 Laguna Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89169 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on the 7th day of December, 2017, the LAS VEGAS METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT commenced proceedings seeking the forfeiture of the above described Defendant, U.S. CURRENCY $760.00, Event No. 170823-0979, pursuant to NRS 453.301(9). A copy of the Complaint for Forfeiture is attached to this Summons. 1. If you intend to defend this forfeiture, you must, within twenty (20) days after service upon you, exclusive of the day of service: a. File with the Clerk of the Court, 200 Lewis Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89155, a formal written Verified Answer to the Complaint or the nature and existence of any right, title or interest claimed by you in the Defendant U.S. CURRENCY $760.00. (Please Note: A filing fee is required by the Clerk of the Court). b. Serve a copy of your Verified Answer to the Complaint upon the attorney whose name and address is shown above. 2. If you fail to answer within the time provided, Judgment by Default will be entered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. 3. An attorney who represents you on criminal charges does not automatically represent you in this forfeiture case. You do not have the right to appointed counsel in this civil forfeiture case even if you cannot afford to hire an attorney. If you have a Public Defender, they cannot represent you in this forfeiture proceeding. THEREFORE, it is your responsibility, if you intend to defend this case, to retain counsel or to file a Verified Answer in the correct legal form with the Clerk of the Court. Simply calling or writing to an attorney in the Office of General Counsel is not considered a Verified Answer and will not stop the entry of a Default Judgment against you. DATED this 7th day of December, 2017. Submitted by: LEISL FREEDMAN, General Counsel, Nevada Bar No. 5309 By /s/MATTHEW J. CHRISTIAN Assistant General Counsel Nevada Bar No. 8024 STEVEN D. GRIERSON, CLERK OF THE COURT BY: /s/ Sthacey Alvarez DEPUTY CLERK Date: 12/18/2017 (SEAL) LVMPD EV# 170823-0979/ja PUB: Feb. 24, Mar. 3, 10, 17, 24, 2018 LV Review-Journal
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PostedFebruary 24, 2018