NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS OF THE LEVY OF ASSESSMENTS FOR MAINTENANCE IN CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 114B SOUTH STRIP MAINTENANCE (MANDALAY BAY ROAD TO RUSSELL ROAD) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the owners of all property upon which an assessment has been levied, and other interested persons that, by the District 114B Assessment Ordinance (the "Assessment Ordinance") duly passed, adopted, signed and approved on June 5, 2018, there were levied and assessed against the lots, tracts and parcels of land specially benefited by the maintenance of certain public improvements in what is commonly designated as "Clark County, Nevada, Improvement District No. 114B South Strip Maintenance (Mandalay Bay Road to Russell Road)," (said lots, tracts and parcels of land being more specifically described in the assessment roll designated in the Assessment Ordinance), a portion of the cost and expense of such maintenance. Assessments are due and payable at the office of the County Treasurer of Clark County, in Las Vegas, Nevada, on or before July 19, 2018, being 30 days after the effective date of the Assessment Ordinance, without interest and without demand, provided that all, or any part of such assessments may, at the election of the owner, be paid in installments, without interest as and to the extent hereinafter provided. Failure to pay the whole assessment within the 30-day period will be conclusively considered and held an election on the part of all persons interested, whether under disability or otherwise, to pay the unpaid assessment in installments. In case of such election to pay in installments, the unpaid assessments which are $100 or less shall be payable in a single annual installment at the office of the County Treasurer on September 1, 2018, and all other assessments shall be payable in four (4) substantially equal quarterly installments of principal until paid in full, without interest, principal on such assessments being payable quarterly at the office of the County Treasurer on September 1, 2018, December 1, 2018, March 1, 2019, and June 1, 2019. Failure to pay any assessment installment when due will cause the whole of the unpaid principal of such assessment to become due and payable immediately at the County's option, and the whole amount of the unpaid principal will, after such delinquency, whether the County's option is or is not exercised, bear penalty interest at the rate of two percent (2%) (or at any higher rate authorized by statute, or any lower rate, which may be zero percent, for such period as determined by the County Treasurer) per month (not prorated for any portion of the month) on the unpaid balance of the assessment and accrued interest, until the day of sale or until paid, but at any time prior to the date of the sale, the owner may pay the amount of all delinquent installments originally becoming due on or before the date of payment, and all penalty interest accrued, and will thereupon be restored to the right thereafter to pay in installments in the same manner as if default had not been suffered. The owner of any property not in default as to any assessment installment or payment may, at any time, pay the whole or any quarterly installment of the unpaid principal. Any assessment against property for which an application for hardship determination has been approved by the Board shall be deferred as provided in the County Ordinance No. 1341 (the "Hardship Ordinance"), but shall be subject to the lien as provided in Section 6 of the Assessment Ordinance. Pursuant to NRS 271.395, within the 15 days immediately succeeding the effective date of the Assessment Ordinance, any person who has filed a complaint, protest or objection in writing shall have the right to commence an action or suit in any court of competent jurisdiction to correct or set aside such determination. Thereafter all actions or suits attacking the regularity, validity and correctness of the proceedings, of the assessment roll, of each assessment contained therein, of the amount of special benefits and market value increases, and of the amount thereof levied on each tract, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the defense of confiscation, shall be perpetually barred. The amounts assessed as aforesaid constitute a lien upon said lots, tracts and parcels of land from June 19, 2018 (i.e., the effective date of the Assessment Ordinance), which lien shall be co-equal with the latest lien thereon to secure the payment of general taxes and prior and superior to all other liens, claims, encumbrances and titles (other than the liens of assessments and general taxes). The sale of any such lot, tract or parcel of land for general taxes shall not relieve such lot, tract or parcel of land from such assessment or the lien therefor. DATED this June 5, 2018. /s/ Lynn Marie Goya County Clerk * Description of property assessed * Total amount of your assessment is . PUB: June 13, 20, 27, 2018 LV Review-Journal
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PostedJune 13, 2018