EWING BROS INC. W R E C K E R A U C T I O N NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that in accordance with NEVADA REVISED STATUTES, 108.270-108.360 the following vehicles will be sold at a WRECKER AUCTION on an 'AS IS' 'WHERE IS' basis to the highest bidder on 08/08/2017 at EWING BROS AUTO BODY, 1200 A St, Las Vegas, NV 89106. We will be accepting closed bids between the hours of 08:00 am and 03:00 pm. LICENSED WRECKERS ONLY. Stock#/Year/Make/Type/VIN Registered Owner/Legal Owner 232845 1994 CHEV P4D 1Y1SK5380RZ049799 R/O AARON SCOTT DIZON R/L JIMMY MARTINEZ 238417 1995 JAG P4D SAJHX1740SC743354 R/L MICHELLE STROTHER 238895 2012 DODG TCW 3C63D3ML1CG238650 R/O ALLEN MING L/O JP MORGAN CHASE BANK 240277 2008 CHEV P4D 1G1AL58F787307775 R/O BLAIR SULLIVAN L/O KING OF CREDIT FNCL 240518 2010 KIA P4D KNADH4A38A6680106 R/O WANDA MARIE FULTS-BROWN L/O CAPITAL ONE AUTO FIN 241758 1990 CHEV TPK 2GCEC19K7L1226875 R/L KEVIN ERIC CHASTAIN OR LISA MICHELLE CHASTAIN 241797 1996 HOND P4D 1HGCD5635TA164926 R/L JOSEPH EDWARD MARTINEZ 241856 1990 NISS TPK 1N6SD11S7LC375600 R/L MARK ANTHONY CORONADO 242058 1997 FORD T4W 1FMDU32X1VUB12898 R/O RAYMUND LUKE L/O CARSON CARS 242117 2001 FORD T4W 1FMFU16L71LB06737 R/L ANGELIQUE BYRD 242318 2004 BMW P4D WBANA73514B813096 R/O THURSA S BURTON R/O ANDREW LEE THOMPSON L/O TITLEMAX OF NV INC DBA TITLEMAX 242405 1999 FORD P4D 1FAFP53UXXA309146 R/L VOSOUGHI FIROUZ 242653 1994 FORD P4D 1FTJW35G1REA21904 R/O ERIC ROCHA L/O DAVANA JONES OR COREY JONES 243669 2003 JAG P4D SAJEA03T43FM62296 R/O JAMES F MCBRIDE L/O PAWN PLUS 243731 2005 CADI P4D 1G6DP567850179381 R/L CATHERINE ANNE HOPKINS 244323 2008 FORD P4D 1FAHP35N38W272285 R/O IMANI LANIEKA MARY JANE ROBERTS R/O TOMEY CHANDLER R/O ING SOLUTIONS LLC L/O UNIVERSAL UNDERWRITERS 245590 2000 MAZD P4D JM1BJ2221Y0219206 R/L JOYCE HOFFMAN 246982 2009 CHRY P4D 1C3LC46D79N520688 R/O DORIAN TUNG-GI RAY R/O BRANDY GRAY L/O HPC 247065 2010 KIA P4D KNADH4A34A6691975 R/L TAMRA PARANTEAU 247100 2001 TOYT P2D JTDDR32T110095461 R/L JACOB ALLEN 248965 1998 HOND P4D 1HGCG1642WA074839 R/O AKHEIM FAHRAD SELLS R/L MAX EBERLE 250913 1997 LEXS P4D JT8BH28FXV0098689 R/L JACK LAMAR JONES 251040 2012 ASVE 2W LN2UT0818CG031730 R/L CARLOS ENRIQUE SALVATIERRA-AZANON 251311 2006 HOND PCP 2HGFG12836H506717 R/O STEPHANEE ANN YOUNG L/O JUST-IN-TIME INC 251443 2006 FORD P4D 1FAFP53UX6A103551 R/O ALISON BURNHAM LAWLER L/O TITLEMAX OF ARIZONA INC 251620 2007 STRN T4W 5GZCZ33D07S860643 R/O RANA GLOVER L/O PRIME ACCEPTANCE CORP 251624 1998 FORD P4D 1FAFP52U4WA215036 R/L LAWRENCE COOK JR 251634 1999 MAZD TPK 4F4YR12C5XTM26174 R/L JORGE BLANCO-CRUZ 251659 2008 FORD P4D 2FAFP71V88X173146 R/O WENDY ANN AMUNDSON L/O LOAN MAX TITLE LOANS-LM160 251663 2005 CHEV P4D 1G1ZS52895F135329 R/O GINA DENISSE BAEZ OR AGUEDA MERCEDES LORA L/O CASH 1 LLC 251676 1997 PLYM TES 1P4GP44RXVB366338 R/L STANLEY A WASHINGTON 251679 1982 RKWD 2W 07982 R/L VERNON ANTHONY GREEN 251681 2000 GMC T4W 3GKGC26U1YG188521 R/L TRAVONNA CONWAY OR THOMAS ANDERSON 251694 1995 HOND P4D JHME9692SS007532 R/L SHELSIE BRAKEMAN 251708 2002 MERZ P4D WDBRF64J42E004181 R/L DORIS MILLINCHAMP BASA 251752 2004 CHEV T4C 1GCGK29U84Z101640 R/O BETTY LAVINA GORCEY R/O SIDNEY ROBERT GORCEY L/O TITLEMAX OF NEVADA 251764 2004 MAZD P2D JM1FE173340111858 R/O OSCAR CASTILLO R/O MICHELLE ESCALERA R/L MARICELA NEGRETE 251802 2000 CHEV P4D 1G1NE52J5Y6291705 R/L CLARENCE EDWARD HALL JR 251851 2005 NISS P4D 1N4AL11D55N418508 R/L DALLAS JERRY CARVER 251872 1988 TOYT TPK JT5RN75U0J0021991 R/L ARSHED AALAMI 252026 2017 HOND P4D 1HGCR3F90HA003336 R/L AQEEL HAIDER 252053 1997 HOND P4D 1HGCD5635VA112988 R/O DONALD ALAN MILNER L/O NEVADA TITLE & PAYDAY LOAN INC 252061 1999 HOND T4W JHLRD1860XC074265 R/L CRISTIAN GARCIA 252075 2003 CHEV T4W 1GNEC13Z13R116974 R/O CHRISTOPHER JAMES HOUSEWORTH L/O MID ATLANTIC FINANCE CO 252109 2001 FORD T4W 1FMRU17L31LA83565 R/L RICARDO RIZO-AGUILAR 252112 1997 NISS P4D 1N4BU31DXVC217518 R/L CHRISTOPHER NHAT NGUYEN 252134 2001 FORD T4W 1FMRU15W21LB46930 R/O MANUEL D MARTINEZ L/O JORGE LUIS ALTAMIRANO 252147 1998 JEEP T4W 1J4FX58S2WC345881 R/O RICHARD DERRICK FAIRCHILD OR RAVEN CHRISTIE L/O GABRIEL JEREMY CARMONA 252513 1976 ESTA TMH 1FDKE30LXEHA99971 R/L ZIKRULLAH DUR-MOHAMMAD ****************************** NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that in accordance with NEVADA REVISED STATUTES, 108.670-108.760 and NEVADA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE 488.324 the following watercraft will be sold at a WRECKER AUCTION on an 'AS IS' 'WHERE IS' basis to the highest bidder on 08/08/2017 at 08:00AM at EWING BROS AUTO BODY, 1200 A St, Las Vegas, NV 89106. 2516790 1999 XLM 18' NVZ495590699 R/L VERNON A GREEN There are no warranties, expressed or implied, merchantability or otherwise on the above mentioned vehicles. Any statement as to either year or model is for identification only and is not a warranty or representation. Advertiser reserves the right to bid. PUB: July 17, 24, 31, 2017 LV Review-Journal
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PostedJuly 17, 2017